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Get on board as we embed a DNA of environmental care and interest within our students, nurturing their commitment to shaping a greener future for our world. Through our NatureTech Focused Learning curriculum, a regenerative future can be our children's reality.

Date : Saturday, 25 May 2024

Time : 10am - 2pm

Location : Dwi Emas International School,

Location : Dwi Emas International

Shah Alam

School, Shah Alam

Being Aware of Environmental Issues is Meaningless

Without the Right Mindset and Foundation for Students to Tackle Them

Students in the ACE Biosphere Programme are future-focused and empowered with the education necessary in making a green impact at a global scale.

Our NatureTech Focused Learning curriculum was built uniquely around the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

RESHAPING The World Through The Convergence of the 3 E's




The Future Is GREEN

Will your child be part of it?

With growing environmental awareness across individuals and organisations, the green sector is booming, with a clear shift towards regenerative practices.

By preparing our students to embody knowledge, skills and passion for this future, we're setting them up for success in a rapidly evolving job market - all while allowing them to contribute meaningfully to building a more regenerative planet for generations to come.

Visit us during our Open Day to find out how your child can be the leaders of a greener world.


Our children are inheriting a world not of their own making and they will face problems that are yet to be understood.

JOIN OUR OPEN DAY to discover how we empower students to be Green Heroes, today, for the world of tomorrow.

"In the short time since my daughter joined the ACE Biosphere Programme, she has shown great interest in nature and the environment. She is always talking about how to make the Earth a better place (e.g not using plastic and finding ways to do things without hurting the environment).

Prior to joining the programme, she used to be very afraid of creepy crawlies, but she now fearlessly tends to worms as part of the school's Vermiculture Team."

Him Vingie

Parent of ACE Biosphere student

Celebrating Our Achievements and Awards

Our ACE Biosphere students won GOLD at ITEX with their sustainable inventions for two consecutive years

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